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Family Law Attorney in Marietta, Georgia

Aggressively Advocating For Your Interests In Family Law Disputes

The breakup of a familial unit can have a devastating effect on all of the parties involved, not only the litigants but their children as well. I recognize that fact, and at The Engelberger Law Group, LLC., we balance the emotions of a pending divorce with the aggressive representation you need to protect your legal interests.

Compassionate Guidance for Your Family

Because you’re dealing with the potential loss of your children and/or your assets, it’s important that you hire someone to advocate vigorously on your behalf. For over 10 years, I have been entrusted to protect my clients’ best interests in the following types of domestic relations cases:


With national statistics showing that there is an increase of marriages ending in divorce, there is a good chance you or someone you know will find themselves facing the potential consequences of a failed marriage. When considering divorce, it is very important that you hire someone to protect your rights. It is important that you hire someone who can fight for you during this emotional time.

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