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Drug Crimes Attorney in Marietta, Georgia

Experienced Representation For Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are among the most common crimes in the state of Georgia. Drug charges can range from possession of small amounts of marijuana to trafficking large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and other opioids. Penalties can vary greatly, from probation to life in prison.

You Need A Strong Defense For Drug Charges

Our attorney at The Engelberger Law Group, LLC., has a great deal of experience defending individuals facing drug charges of every kind. We understand how serious these charges can be and the devastating effect of the penalties can have on your life.

We work to develop an effective defense based on the specific facts of your situation. Our long experience with criminal cases teaches that every case is different, and our lawyer works to achieve the best possible outcome for your particular circumstance.

Charged with Possession or Distribution?

Drug Crime Penalties

The penalties for drug charges are often extreme. Georgia, like most states, uses a very punitive method to deter drug use. Sentences range from one year of jail for small amounts of marijuana to two to 15 years for larger amounts of more serious drugs. The importance of fighting every charge is underscored by the fact that a second charge for these offenses can double your sentence up to 30 years.

Prescription Drugs

Drug use is often complex. Opioid addiction may result from prescribed drugs like OxyContin, which can lead to the use of illegal substances like heroin. Possession of sufficient amounts of many drugs will be charged as a felony. If you are charged with a trafficking offense involving a Schedule I drug, you could be facing substantial fines and potentially life in prison.

We understand the complex machinery of how the prosecution builds their cases, how evidence is gathered, and how mandatory minimums can affect your sentencing. We investigate the charges and the facts of your case, working to undercut the arguments and evidence against you, and when possible, seeking reduced or dismissed charges.

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