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Sex Offenses Attorney in Marietta, Georgia

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Sex offenses pose two sets of risks to the accused. If convicted, you can be imprisoned, often for a significant period of time. But for a broad array of sex-related charges, the full punishment extends far beyond the term of incarceration. Because many sex crimes in Georgia also carry a requirement for registration on the state’s sex offender registry, the effect of a conviction can be far more damaging than many other felony charges.

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These charges demand an aggressive defense. Our attorney at The Engelberger Law Group, LLC., understands the potential damage to your reputation and your life when facing charges of sexual assault or other related charges such as child molestation, sexual battery, or being accused of rape. It is essential that the facts and circumstances of the allegations be thoroughly investigated.

This investigation is often necessary due to the nature of these allegations. Your accuser’s statement may provide much of the “evidence” of the prosecution’s case, so determining the credibility of that testimony is critical.

The Engelberger Law Group, LLC serves the needs of clients in Cobb County, Marietta, and throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia metro area.

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The Damaging Nature Of SOR Laws

A conviction for a sex crime frequently requires registration on the Georgia Sex Offender Registry (SOR). This publicly available database contains the names and addresses of individuals convicted of sex crimes. While the registry is supposed to promote “public safety,” SORs have caused severe stigmatization of those on the registry. Many have difficulty finding work or even a place to live, as many cities attempt to make it impossible for anyone on the registry to legally move into their boundaries.

In addition, the registration requirements are burdensome and technical violations can result in additional jail time. The law requires that your residence or even where you sleep, if homeless, be reported to the local sheriff’s office within 72 hours of when you moved. If you change residence, you must report a change to both the old and new county sheriffs. Additionally, this reporting must be done every year and failure to do so is itself a felony offense.

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We are experienced with representing individuals facing these charges, and we work to build an effective defense. If you have a prior conviction, it may be possible to have your name removed from the registry, reducing the risk of non-compliance and additional criminal charges.

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Sex offenses are very serious and demand an aggressive response. We represent clients throughout the Atlanta metro area with these cases. Call us today to speak with our lawyer. To schedule an appointment at our Marietta office you can also fill out our online form.

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