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Drug or sex charges. Violent crimes. Divorce, child custody and support disputes. Serious legal problems demand an experienced attorney. The Engelberger Law Group, LLC., can help. Our attorney has nearly two decades of experience helping people face serious legal difficulties.

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Experienced Criminal And Family Law Representation

Nothing in life prepares you for being arrested. The wheels of the criminal justice system can begin to spin very quickly once you have been charged with a crime. You may not understand the charges you are facing, and you are unlikely to be ready to deal with it.


Every Criminal Charge Is Serious

The Engelberger Law Group, LLC., can help. Our attorney has worked with clients in need of an aggressive criminal defense since 2000, and we understand the seriousness of criminal charges. A conviction can affect your life negatively in many ways. Jail time can end a career or a marriage.

It can also have long-term ramifications on going to school, getting financial aid, finding a place to live and finding work. If you are required to register as a sex offender, life can become very difficult. Our lawyer works aggressively to investigate the charges and develop a strong criminal defense as soon as you call us.


Divorce And Domestic Relations

Matters involving spouses and family are another area where our attorney can help. Whether you are dealing with the breakup of a marriage in a divorce, trying to resolve a child support dispute, or developing a workable custody and visitation arrangement with your child’s other parent, we can provide experienced counsel and representation.

We have worked with families in Georgia for nearly two decades, and we have the experience with the law, courts and dealing with families during this difficult time. We know how stressful and emotionally charged these issues can be, and we work to help you resolve the problems and move forward with your life.


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We serve clients throughout the Atlanta metro area. To speak with our attorney, call us at 770-901-2577. You can also schedule an appointment at our Marietta office by filling out our online form.